(Selman 2008) 

(August Frost x Great White) 

42" M Fra DOR 6.5" TET 

Displayed on truly gargantuan scapes, these lightly ruffled ivory blooms have a gold-trimmed edge and yellow to green throat. Conservatively registered as being 42 inches tall, IVORY TITAN actually towers above almost everything else in our garden. As a two year old selected seedling, it had six foot scapes with five-way branching. And yes, I reached over my head to set pods on it! More than one garden visitor has confessed sniffing every daylily in sight until they confirmed this is the one that enticed them from over twenty feet away. Although the least ornate selection from this cross, those awaiting the introduction of IVORY TITAN range from spider lovers to fellow hybridizers tired of bending over to make seeds. IVORY TITAN has four to five-way branching with 18 or more buds and makes a formidable clump. Very hardy, extremely fragrant and fertile both ways.

You will receive a very nice double fan.


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